CONquer the unimaginable.

a.fatti was founded based on the experience of our CEO Allen Belfatti and the belief that each of us is capable of far beyond previously imagined.

More than a brand, we're a mindset. In everything we do, we aim to inspire others to reach their highest potential. To overcome their darkest obstacles. To stretch far outside their comfort zones and never, never, never give up. Because your greatest ambition is never out of reach.


Allen Belfatti's own life story is central to the vision of a.fatti.

Allen grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, instilled in him at a young age. In middle school, Allen sold Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, Gummy Worms and other candies to classmates on his school bus. He exceled in sports and had a passion for urban fashion and street dance styles like popping. As a teenager, Allen could be found in his favorite store "Merry-Go-Round," sporting parachute pants, Z Cavariccis, IOU sweaters, Skidz, JNCO jeans and other urban apparel from the late '80s and early '90s.

Dance was a common thread through it all. As a young adult, Allen burned through his bedroom rug with nonstop dancing in front of the mirror. He spent years dance-battling in underground clubs, where heavy drugs were prevalent. It was here that Allen's path took a turn for the worse. His own drug use escalated quickly and eventually led to him being homeless, living on the side of a crab shack in North Philadelphia for several years.

Allen had hit the lowest point of his life. Feeling physically, mentally and spiritually broken, he sensed the end of his life was very near. He did not think it would ever be possible to be happy again or even to live without drugs or alcohol.

Thankfully, the birth of his daughter Gianna produced a moment of clarity and helped him turn things around. Allen found a new spark of hope and reached out for help. After countless rehabs and recovery houses, he finally found the help he needed to move forward, and he began to recover.


Now, having experienced the unimaginable himself, Allen set out with a vengeance to inspire others, and he created a.fatti with a vision he has never let go of.

Allen innovated a bold new street-leisure brand based around his story and his love for urban fashion. a.fatti introduced a line of street-inspired apparel, designed with active lifestyles in mindβ€”a nod to Allen's own experience of going from rock bottom on the streets to running marathons and triathlons. 

Today, Allen can be found in recovery centers helping others and anywhere from underground urban dance events to the mountain tops, inspiring others to reach their full potential. Like so many others who once believed their lives were doomed, Allen now enjoys a life beyond his wildest dreams. 

As founder and CEO of a.fatti, Allen's mission is to help and inspire as many others as possible through his story, encouraging them to never give up, so they too can conquer the unimaginable.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
― T.S. Eliot


There's a beginning to every incredible story. We've only just opened the book. We are excited about our path forward with a.fatti as we continue growing the brand and pushing the limit of what we can accomplishβ€”together. Stay tuned for updates! 


a.fatti proudly supports organizations that reinforce our mission of inspiring greatness in others. 

We believe in the importance of providing outlets for the youth as early as possible and teaching them the power of positivity. Our brand ambassador is Project Positive, a Philadelphia-based dance group that inspires the city's youth through hip hop dance, led by Damon "Dinksworth'' Holley.

Additionally, we proudly support the How to Save a Life Foundation, an organization created by Marti Hottenstein that helps those suffering from addiction get the treatment and financial assistance they need. 


We often receive inquiries about recommended intervention resources. We are happy to refer individuals and families to board-certified interventionist Jim Reidy, who has staged more than 300 successful interventions and has appeared on A&E's hit television show Intervention. Read more about Jim here or contact him at (267) 970-7623.


a.fatti apparel can be purchased at and will be available in select retail stores.