Never, never, never give up.

The story of A.FATTI started from humble, and struggling beginnings. This narrative propelled and gave birth to the idea of creating a fashion brand that would make a consumer feel confident and comfortable - the very things that our CEO desperately sought out transitioning through life.

Being an entrepreneur from a young age, Allen Belfatti was selling gummy worms, bubble gum and other candy on his school bus, cementing his passion for sales and giving a consumer what they wanted, when they needed it. This passion manifested later in life, which lead to the birth of A.FATTI. 

After a dark and deep struggle with drugs and alcohol, which escalated quickly, Allen found himself homeless - living on the side of a crab shack in North Philadelphia. This stent lasted six long years, landing him in jails and rehabs a multitude of times. After almost giving up on his own life, he knew he was struck by the realization that his life was meaningful and reached out for help. This recovery triggered a turning point in his life, which propelled him to success. Returning and reflecting on his roots of sales and his entrepreneurial spirit, Allen became a success in the field. His main belief and purpose today is to help others, by sharing his inspiring message of recovery. Starting A.FATTI was a dream of his for years and is now a proud reality. 


As a team we are excited about our vision and path forward with A.FATTI as a brand and lifestyle. We make the promise to keep you guys engaged and excited about what's around the corner from A.FATTI. There's a beginning to every incredible story. We've only just opened the book. 



Allen was fortunate enough receive the help he needed from many rehab facilities, which served a significant purpose for him when there was a fine line between continuing living or giving up.  There are many individuals that want help, but can't get the funding.  A.FATTI is proud to give a portion of its proceeds to the How to Save a Life Foundation, created by Marti Hottenstien. This organization raises money for those people who need help and are unable to receive it.