Think about the last time you saw a dance battle. Doesn't matter where—on the street, on YouTube, wherever.

In almost every good battle, there's a point where somebody takes it to a whole new level. Maybe all the dancers looked OK at first. Their moves were tight. Their styles were original.

Then, someone kills it.

They bust out a move you've never seen before—something unreal. ("What did I just see?!") Jaws drop. The crowd ignites. And just like that, the bar has been raised. Then, every competitor has to up his game. Not just for the next round, but for every battle in the future. They have to go home, work at it even harder and bring their best stuff next time.

At a.fatti, that's what we're all about: raising the bar, for everyone, everywhere.

Now, check out our logo for a second.

See the bar underneath the company name? That bar represents the new, higher standard we're talking about. a.fatti is the bar—and we're setting it high. At the same time, we're inspiring everyone else to raise their standards too.

What is that new standard? It's reaching your full potential. It's where you push yourself harder, go that extra mile, aim higher than whatever you thought was possible. It's the place where you tear down the obstacles stopping you from achieving greatness and conquer the unimaginable.

That's the vision behind everything we do.

So, the next time you see someone kill it in a battle, think about what it means for all the other battlers and how the bar was raised. But also: think of what it took—the practice, the drive, the intensity—for that one dancer to set that new standard for everyone else.