Have you ever taken a look at some of the amazing things or achievements in the world and just said, "WOW!"

Maybe it's a massive skyscraper, an amazing sculpture or even a dope dance move.

Well, every great thing you see, someone had to imagine it first. And sometimes, the things you see are even beyond what people imagined. What begins as a mere mental image turns into something real and tangible – it enters our reality, in ways we never expected.

Our imagination controls our future. 

Not just child's play

We often think of imagination as something that a child uses when playing make-believe. Or maybe you think of an artist creating an abstract painting or a novelist who builds extraordinary worlds.

But the reality is, we all tap into our imagination, every day, to varying degrees. And when you do it right, you can leverage it to attract positive outcomes in different parts of your life.

Beyond the 5 senses

In simplest terms, our imagination is the ability to create mental images of something that does not currently exist in the real world.

These images can be as simple as objects or as elaborate as movie-like scenes, filled with people and experiences. They're images that sit beyond the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Yet for some people, the images can feel so real, they're not just imaginary—they're something that can be attained, achieved or experienced in real life.

Like a muscle, it can grow

We all harness the power of imagination.

It may come more easily to some people, but we all have the ability to expand our minds and our creativity. Notice the key word there: ability. Imagination is like a muscle – the more we work it, the stronger it gets and the more imaginative we become.

Where we differ is how each of us use that ability.

The life you want to live

For some, imagination can be a source of negativity, creating all the irrational fears, anxieties and bad thoughts that keep us down.

But for others, imagination transcends the simple act of "daydreaming" and becomes a driving force for the lives we want to live.

Regardless of how you currently use your imagination, the important thing is to understand that you have control over it. You can flex that muscle and build it and steer it in a positive direction.

Imagining the unimaginable

Building your imagination muscle isn't just about becoming more creative. It's about being able to visualize—and achieve—things in your life that never seemed possible.

How? Simply by thinking big … ridiculously big.

When you're able to set your mind on something so firmly, and you start convincing yourself that nothing will stop you from making it happen, that's when even bigger, unimaginable things start happening.

Visualizing your success and happiness is a crucial first step. You need to set the bar high, then picture yourself going even higher.

If you can't imagine it, then it will never happen.