Here's advice most people won't tell you …

If you're not creating discomfort in your life, then you are totally missing the boat.

Sorry, but it's true.

Some people go through their entire lives without ever leaving their comfort zones.

  • They "settle" for a half-decent job.
  • They accept a paycheck that's not enough.
  • They trap themselves in a small circle of people and negativity.
  • They repeat the same "comfortable" routine, day after day.

And look, that's fine if you're truly happy. Nobody's judging. 

But if you want to DO MORE … if you've got the DRIVE and PASSION to conquer the unimaginable in your life … then you have to start living far beyond your comfort zone.


Most people avoid uncomfortable situations like the plague.

Usually, it's because they're afraid … of judgment … risks … failure.

Often, it's because they are simply afraid of trying something new or different.

That is the definition of a "comfort zone!" And it's a trap. Because when you get too comfortable with anything in life, you never leave. You get stuck.

When you're comfortable, you are not growing or learning or getting anywhere. You're only spinning your wheels.


To be successful—in ANY part of your life—you need to start living in your discomfort zone.

You need to seek out challenges, instead of shying away from them.

You need to be constantly setting new goals … pushing yourself harder … setting the bar higher

Don't think of "discomfort" as a bad thing. It's not an obstacle. It's a tool for accessing the life you really want. Discomfort is the place where you can truly THRIVE … in your relationships, your career, your business.

When you're constantly pushing yourself, things will naturally get uncomfortable. But that's exactly where you need to be if you want to reach your goals and enter into levels beyond previously imagined.