Get ready. A BIG update to our collection is on the way, and we're already rolling it out.

Over the next few weeks, we're unveiling the newest line of #streetleisure apparel from a.fatti, including shirts, tees, hats and other gear. Same street-inspired styles you love, but with one big update …

The no. 71 will now be featured on a lot of our apparel. 



It's more than just a design feature. The number 71 has personal significance to our founder Allen Belfatti. It was the number on his high school football jersey, his father's football number, and his all-around favorite number worn by players of his favorite team: the Philadelphia Eagles.

71 is generally worn by offensive linemen—the unsung heroes who deserve way more credit than they get. All of the greatest QBs, running backs and wide receivers would be nothing without a strong offensive line. They're in the trenches, play after play, stopping defenders to keep the ball moving forward. Yet their efforts are often overlooked. At a.fatti, we're all about shining the spotlight on those who don't get the recognition they deserve. The no. 71 is a recognition of greatness.

Check out the new collection and hit us up on FB to let us know what you think!